Emser Tile

Natural stone looks for your home setting

Emser Tile

Stone tile is a popular choice in homes because of its natural strength and style. Stone options, such as marble, travertine, and slate, offer unique, one-of-a-kind looks that are impossible to replicate. Emser Tile offers a great selection of stone tile, and we at Bachmeier Carpet One have you covered! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Emser Tile stone options:

Emser offers quality marble tile as part of its Kalta and Winter Frost collections. Marble is a preferred stone option because of its pattern and variation. It, for example, has a special veining pattern that is unique to each piece of marble. As a result, no two pieces of marble, and therefore no two marble tiles, are exactly the same. Emser’s marble tile options are polished and honed for extra durability, so spills and stains won’t be a major issue. Also, they have a glossy finish that only improves the natural style.

Stone tiles are not restricted to floors; they be used on walls and backsplashes as well. Emser’s Rivera Pebbles are great for backsplashes, as they offer a variety of different stone looks and textures. Plus, since they are made from real stone, they are strong enough for most home settings. Why, by the way, are they called Rivera Pebbles? They are specially-made to resemble the real stones that are found on the beaches along the French Rivera.  Rivera Bebbles are suitable for kitchen and bathroom settings.  Click here to learn more about bathroom tile.

If you’re looking for premium durability, Emser Tile also offers quality ceramic and porcelain tiles as part of its selection. Visit our Coralville, IA showroom to learn more!