Luxury Vinyl Benefits

Vinyl flooring is popular because it combines both looks and performance. It replicates the natural beauty of hardwood, stone, or tile, and it also is suitable for settings with moisture or heavy foot traffic. But, as beneficial as vinyl flooring is, luxury vinyl flooring takes everything a step further. Luxury vinyl flooring offers premium looks and durability, and it is completely stain and water resistant. It also will not bend or warp in any way, so a quality installation will last a long time.

Nonetheless, although luxury vinyl flooring is super-durable, it does offer realistic wood and stone visuals. These visuals are all truly authentic, as luxury vinyl includes special decorative layers with high-definition wood and stone visuals. In addition, many luxury vinyl options even have textured surfaces so that they feel like real wood and stone. This is called registered embossed technology.

Durability of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

There are three luxury vinyl options available: vinyl plank and vinyl tile.  Vinyl plank is specially-made to resemble wood floors such as hardwood and bamboo. The planks have a natural appearance, and many styles even offer authentic surface textures. However, given the luxury vinyl construction, these vinyl planks are more durable and more comfortable than real wood. Click here to learn more about vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl tile, as you can imagine, looks exactly like real stone or ceramic tile. There are multiple tile sizes available, and they, like vinyl planks, offer authentic textures and looks. In fact, many vinyl tile options can be installed with grout!

What's truly great about luxury vinyl flooring is the fact that it can be installed in virtually any room in the home. It's stylish and comfortable enough for family rooms and bedrooms, and it also remains strong and durable enough for kitchens and laundry rooms. So, if you want to add style and design to rooms with heavy foot traffic, moisture, or other external stresses, luxury vinyl is a great choice.

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Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

We at Bachmeier Carpet One offer a great selection of luxury vinyl flooring. We carry Carpet One exclusives such as Invincible H2O, a quality brand you cannot find anywhere else.

In addition, we offer popular luxury vinyl flooring options such as:

COREtec    Alterna    Luxe     Congoleum Triversa     Karndean     Shaw  Beauflor

About Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Plank

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Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Homes

We can help you both online and in store when it comes to choosing the perfect floor for your home. Follow the link below to learn about how to find the best luxury vinyl floor for your home. 

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Luxury Vinyl Installations

Learn about the luxury vinyl installation process and where these durable floors can be installed. 

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