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Common Carpet Questions

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We at Bachmeier Carpet One are certainly proud to be your neighborhood expert when it comes to quality carpets. For years, we have helped customers in the Coralville, IA area choose and install carpets in their residential or commercial spaces, so we know exactly how to answer any and every question that may arise. Here are some of the most common questions associated with choosing a new carpet:

What are some of the major advantages of carpet?

The two major advantages of carpet are its design versatility and softness underfoot. Carpet is considered versatile in terms of design because there are so many colors, patterns, and surface textures from which to choose. In fact, there are many colors and patterns that you simply cannot find with other flooring options. Plus, unlike other flooring options, carpet is extremely soft underfoot. Its comfort and warmth are pretty much unmatched.

Will stains be a problem?

Most carpets have stain protection to resist most spills and stains. This protection usually comes from an applied treatment, but there are many carpet options that have stain protection “built-in” to the construction. Carpets with built-in stain protection tend to be more resistant. In addition, there are carpets, including our exclusive Tigressa H2O, that are waterproof. These waterproof carpets are great options for homes with children and pets.

How does carpet installation work?

There are two carpet installation options: stretch-in and glue down. Stretch-in is more popular in residential settings, and it involves actually stretching the carpet and attaching it to strips at the ends of the room. Glue down, on the other hand, involves gluing the carpet down to the floor with a special adhesive. Typically, glue down is a better option in commercial settings because the carpet will be stronger against foot traffic.

How difficult is it to maintain a carpet?

Carpet maintenance is not as daunting as it may seem. The most important activity is vacuuming, since it removes loose soil from the surface. More advanced carpet cleaning procedures, such as dry or wet extraction, may be necessary as well.  Click here to learn more about carpet cleaning!