Congoleum Triversa

Quality vinyl plank flooring that's suitable anywhere in the home

Waterproof Vinyl Plank

Congoleum Triversa is one of the newest luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) options available today. Like other LVP options, Triversa combines the natural looks of hardwood with reliable strength and resistance.

Triversa has a strong 20 mil top layer that includes urethane. It resists scratches and scuffs, and it also will not stain. As a result, your new Triversa floor will continue to look as good as new with only general maintenance. Refinishing and resealing will never be necessary!

The major advantage of Triversa, however, is the extra support that comes from its engineered core. The core provides extra strength against foot traffic and all other impacts, so the vinyl planks will rarely collapse under external pressures. More importantly, the core resists moisture, so Triversa is 100% waterproof. In moist or humid conditions, the planks will never expand or contract. Plus, any spills will never penetrate through the surface, so they can simply be wiped up without any long-term consequences. Given its core, Triversa is appropriate for virtually any residential setting imaginable.

Beneath the engineered core is a natural cork base. The cork base protects against mold and mildew, and it also helps compensate for any subfloor imperfections. What this means is that Triversa can be installed over subfloors that aren’t totally flat and even. Moreover, because cork is flexible, the cork base provides Triversa with extra softness underfoot. The floor is much more comfortable to walk on than hardwood, and it’s less noisy as well. So, in busy homes, noisy footsteps will not be an issue!

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