Style and strength suitable for areas with moisture

Types of Tile

Tile is a great flooring choice when you want to combine natural style with strength and water resistance. It is therefore no surprise that tiles are popular in residential settings such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Bachmeier Carpet One in Coralville is your local expert when it comes to tiles, as we carry a great selection of ceramic tile and porcelain tile. Which is the right choice for your next project? Let us help you choose between ceramic and porcelain.

Ceramic tile is definitely the more popular option for indoor settings, and it has more or less come to represent the entire tile category. Ceramic is extremely versatile in terms of design, as there are many shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and even textures from which to choose. Also, ceramic tiles are durable as well, and they are moisture and heat resistant.

For added looks, ceramic tiles can be layered with gloss. Gloss, as you can imagine, adds shine and color to the surface, and it also helps protect against stains and scratches.

Whereas ceramic tile is great for indoor settings, porcelain tile is more practical for outdoor settings. Porcelain is a better option for outdoors because, compared to ceramic, it is stronger and more resistant. Porcelain tiles are totally water and heat resistant, and they will rarely, if ever, crack. As a result, porcelain tiles will stand up to changing weather conditions. Also, porcelain tile typically has a rugged surface, so it is slip-resistant even when wet.

Be sure to visit our Coralville, IA store for all of your tile needs. We carry popular brands such as Verve Ceramics, Daltile, Shaw, Pavigres, Baldocer, and Angelgres.