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What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Hardwood flooring can certainly add luxury and value to any home, but it isn’t suitable for every setting. It cannot, for example, be installed in areas with moisture (such as bathrooms and kitchens), and it also isn’t great for heavy traffic areas. Nonetheless, you can still add hardwood’s looks to these areas by choosing vinyl plank flooring. What is vinyl plank flooring?

Although vinyl plank looks like real hardwood, it actually features a synthetic, or composite, construction. This construction is super-durable, so vinyl plank flooring will resist almost all scratches and scuffs. Also, because of vinyl plank’s construction, it remains resilient and rather comfortable underfoot.

More importantly, vinyl plank flooring, unlike hardwood, is 100% waterproof. In fact, many vinyl plank options, including COREtec Plus and our exclusive Invincible H2O, feature strong waterproof cores. These cores prevent the vinyl planks from ever expanding or contracting when exposed to moisture, and they also provide exceptional stability against foot traffic.

Click here to learn more about COREtec Plus.

What about installation? There are two different installation options for vinyl plank flooring: glue-down and click. With glue-down installation, the vinyl planks are actually glued to the subfloor with a permanent adhesive. We recommend this installation method for commercial and other high-traffic areas. The click installation method, which is newer and more advanced than glue-down, involves attaching the vinyl planks together almost like a puzzle. No special adhesive is needed; the vinyl planks will perfectly attach and “click” together to remain in place. For the most part, vinyl plank floors that are installed using the click method tend to be more comfortable underfoot.

Bachmeier Carpet One in Coralville, IA has you covered when it comes to vinyl plank flooring. We offer Carpet One exclusive brands such as Invincible LVT and Invincible H2O, and we also have specialty styles such as COREtec, Armstrong Luxe, and Hydrocork.