Wood Flooring

Naturally a great option for any room in the home

Solid and Engineered Hardwood

wood flooring Coralville, IA

Wood flooring is one of the most popular hard surface flooring options available today. It possesses a natural beauty that seems to exude warmth and style, and its unique finishes mean that wood flooring can accommodate any room design. There are two main wood flooring options: solid wood flooring and engineered hardwood. They both have wood’s natural beauty, but each has a different twist. Not sure which option is best for you? Let the experts at Bachmeier Carpet One help! 

Solid wood flooring is made from genuine wood strips or planks. It has a thick construction, which, especially with wood’s strength and stability, means that it remains durable over time. Plus, the thick construction means that the wood can be refinished. Refinishing keeps wood clean and smooth, and it even makes it possible to add additional color. 

What truly sets solid wood flooring apart from all other flooring options is its natural beauty. Unlike almost every other flooring option, solid wood is totally natural. As a result, it always has a unique grain pattern that makes each solid wood flooring one-of-a-kind. Additionally, solid wood flooring is non-allergenic, so it does not hold dust or other particles.

Engineered wood flooring (or engineered hardwood) is only made from real wood, but it is specially constructed with three to seven layers of wood. The wood layers are cross-directionally pressed together with a top layer of premium hardwood. Since the layers do not all run the same way, engineered wood is more dimensionally stable and is less likely to expand or contract.

Unlike solid wood, engineered wood is better suited for areas with some moisture. Engineered wood is typically less expensive as well. 

To learn more about wood flooring, be sure to stop by our Coralville, IA store. Our experts will walk you through the floor-buying entire process, and they’ll help you pick out the best wood flooring option. We carry popular brands such as Invincible Hardwood, Shaw Hardwood, Bruce, and Mannington, and we proudly serve customers in Coralville, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding areas.