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Armstrong Alterna

Armstrong Alterna


Most luxury vinyl floors are popular because they combine the looks of real hardwood with extra wear and water resistance. But, there are luxury vinyl options that are specially-made to look like real stone as well. One of these options is Armstrong Alterna, which we are happy to carry here at Bachmeier Carpet One. How does Alterna compare to stone?






Alterna looks exactly like real stone, and these looks will not fade over time. There are various looks available, including slate, marble, travertine, and even concrete.






Given its engineered construction, Alterna is relatively flexible compared to stone. This flexibility means that Alterna tiles will not chip or crack under any conditions. Also, Alterna has a strong top layer that protects against spills and stains, and it also resists scratches and scuffs. And did we mention that Alterna is totally waterproof?






Real stone can sometimes be uncomfortable because, to put it plainly, it is really hard and really cold. Alterna, however, is rather comfortable underfoot since it is flexible, and because it is warm to the touch. In fact, Alterna is typically 20 or so degrees warmer than stone!






Alterna is definitely easier to maintain than stone. Because Alterna resists spills and stains, only routine sweeping is required to keep the surface looking new. Also, Alterna tiles rarely need to be replaced because they will not chip or crack. In a sense, Alterna is a worry-free floor capable of standing up to whatever life throws its way.


Visit our Coralville, IA store to learn even more about Alterna and to check out our other Armstrong flooring options!

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