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Armstrong Luxe Plank

Armstrong Luxe Plank


Be sure to visit Bachmeier Carpet One in Coralville, IA to check out our Armstrong flooring selection. One of our featured styles is the Armstrong Luxe plank. Armstrong Luxe is a vinyl plank flooring option, so it offers realistic wood looks. In fact, there are a variety of wood looks available, including traditional, rustic, and exotic woods. You can even choose from a few different stone looks. But, because of its resilient construction, Armstrong Luxe can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.


We recommend choosing Armstrong Luxe with Rigid Core technology. Why? Let’s take a closer look at Rigid Core:


Rigid Core


Armstrong Luxe planks with Rigid Core technology have a super-strong core. This core really sets Luxe apart from other vinyl plank options because it provides premium strength and dimensional stability to the entire floor. As a result, Luxe planks with Rigid Core can handle heavy foot traffic and other external impacts without ever cracking or breaking. More importantly, with Rigid Core, Luxe planks will be 100% waterproof. They will never expand or contract when exposed to moisture, so they be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas where moisture is an issue.


In addition, Luxe planks with Rigid Core have a cork underlayment. Because of cork’s acoustic properties, this underlayment will muffle sound, so you’ll never have to worry about noisy foot traffic. And, since cork is rather warm and soft, the floor will be comfortable underneath as well.


With Rigid Core technology, the Luxe planks will attach and lock together, so they can be installed without any special adhesive. This is referred to as a “click” installation, and it is quicker and easier than most traditional vinyl installations.


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