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Buy Carpet in Coralville, Iowa

When it comes to carpet, nobody does it better than the experts at Bachmeier Carpet One Floor & Home in Coralville, Iowa. We offer one of the area’s best selections of quality carpets, and we also provide design services to make sure that you make the perfect choice for your residential or commercial setting. If you’re interested in buying a new carpet, visit us today to talk with one of our flooring specialists. Or you can start shopping our carpet selection now!


Types of Carpeting


Carpeting is made up of tiny fibers that are woven into piles. These fibers can either be from synthetic materials or natural. Our synthetic carpet fibers include nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta. Many homeowners are familiar with natural fiber carpets such as wool. Nylon and polyester are two of the most common synthetic carpet options, and feature incredible durability and softness. Triexta is a new carpet fiber, and is well-known for its inherent stain-resistance and strength. Wool carpeting is incredibly popular for its durability, eco-friendly nature, and hypoallergenic properties. The quality of the fibers also matters just as much as the type, with premium fibers featuring a softer and finer construction.


When choosing a new carpet, there are a few factors that need to be considered. First off, you'll need to consider wear-resistance and durability. If you have an active home that is accident prone, then maybe a carpet with stain-resistance or even a waterproof carpet may be right for you. At the same time, you need to balance performance with style, as your new carpet should fit perfectly into your overall design. You definitely want to make sure to choose a carpet that will look good and last long in your preferred setting. We can help you choose the best carpet that combines style and performance.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet is best for rooms in your home that are designated as intimate gathering areas, like living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. We have carpets that offer durable and stylish protection for you and your guests. Our stain-resistant carpets can be installed in busy areas like playrooms, hallways, and stairs. Additionally, our showroom features commercial carpet and carpet tiles for business settings where durability and performance are paramount. Plus, we have custom stair runners and area rugs. They’ll make your home safer, more stylish, and soften each step. We highly recommend not installing carpet in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or sunrooms due to excessive moisture, sunlight, and humidity that can ruin the floor.


Our Carpet Selection


As the best place to buy carpet near you, we offer a great selection of quality residential and commercial carpet options. Our selection includes Carpet One exclusive brands such as Lees®, Tigress®, Resista®, Innovia™, and Bigelow®. In addition, we have specialty carpets from Godfrey Hirst, Kraus, and Masland. As a member of the Carpet One cooperative, we are locally-owned but have more buying power with suppliers. That means we can pass low carpet prices onto you, and you can feel good about shopping with a small business that cares.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips


Caring for your carpet is more than just cleaning up after spills. Regularly maintaining your carpet will help keep it stain-resistant and prevent matting and wear.




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