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COREtec is one of the best-performing luxury vinyl floors available today. It offers authentic natural wood and tile looks, as well as premium strength, durability, and comfort. As a result, COREtec is great for any room in the home, regardless of external pressures such as foot traffic and moisture. Bachmeier Carpet One carries multiple COREtec flooring options such as COREtec Plus, so be sure to visit our Coralville, IA store today.


Why is COREtec one of the best luxury vinyl options? It includes two unique layers: the core structure and the cork underlayment. The core structure, from which COREtec derives its name, is made from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC. It provides the floor with strength and stability, and it is also 100% waterproof. So, even when exposed to the moist conditions you see in kitchens and bathrooms, COREtec Plus will never expand or contract.  Plus, the core structure provides additional strength against foot traffic. Like the core structure, the cork underlayment provides some resistance, but it is more noteworthy because of its relatively soft construction. This softness provides warmth and comfort underfoot, and it also makes it possible to install COREtec over most uneven and imperfect subfloors.


COREtec floors not only offer premium durability; they offer authentic natural looks as well. Some COREtec Plus options include embossed in register technology, which provides real wood and tile textures to the surface. With COREtec vinyl planks, for example, the texture of the floor aligns perfectly with the wood grains! In addition, all COREtec plank options come with micro-beveled edges that you typically see with real hardwood floors.

COREtec Flooring Options

COREtec One

COREtec One is the original engineered luxury vinyl flooring option, and it's COREtec's budget-friendly option. It has the waterproof core structure, but it does not have the attached cork underlayment.



COREtec Plus

COREtec Plus it the most popular option, and it's available in 5" wide planks, 7" wide planks, and 12"x24" tiles. It has the waterproof core and the cork underlayment.



COREtec Plus HD

For premium looks, check out COREtec Plus HD. It has enhanced, 4-sided painted edges for an authentic wood appearance.



COREtec Plus XL

COREtec Plus XL is virtually the same as COREtec Plus, but it's available in 9" wide and 72" long planks.



COREtec Plus Design

We love COREtec Plus Design because it's available with multi-width and multi-tone planks. This contributes to natural, high-character wood looks.

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