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Castle Combe Hardwood

Castle Combe Hardwood


We at Bachmeier Carpet One are certainly your neighborhood experts when it comes to hardwood floors. We carry a wide selection of quality hardwood brands, and we know exactly how to help you make the perfect choice for your home setting. One of our featured brands of hardwood is Castle Combe from US Floors. Castle Combe hardwood offers luxurious looks that, as the name implies, will certainly add elegance and richness to your home.



Most hardwood floors have UV-cured synthetic finishes to protect the surface. These finishes essentially create a plastic-like film on the surface of the floor to protect against scratches and to repel certain spills. But, over time these synthetic finishes wear away and give the floor a dull appearance, so a costly refinish may be necessary. Castle Combe hardwood, unlike most other hardwood floors, has a natural oil finish for protection. This natural oil finish does not create a film over the surface; rather, it is absorbed into the surface for long-lasting (and often permanent) protection. As a result, a Castle Combe floor will not develop a dull appearance over time. Furthermore, since Castle Combe’s natural oil finish is absorbed into the floor, it offers more protection than synthetic finishes. Castle Combe hardwood floors are usually more resistant to scratches and scuffs, and they also will remain strong against foot traffic and other impacts.



We cannot talk about Castle Combe’s natural oil finish without mentioning its effect on the floor’s appearance. The oil finish seems to enhance the natural grains of the wood, so the floors certainly have more character and personality than other hardwood options. Plus, the surface of a Castle Combe floor will never be too shiny or dull, and it will also remain free from most scratches.



To check out our selection of Castle Combe hardwood from US Floors, be sure to visit our Coralville, IA showroom!

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