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Kid-Friendly Flooring

What is the Best Flooring for Kids?

Our families are the center of our daily lives, and as our families grow, our flooring needs can change in a major way. One thing’s for certain: when you add little crawlers, sticky fingers, and muddy sneakers into the mix, life is bound to get interesting. Creating a safer, more sanitary home is always a huge priority at Bachmeier Carpet One Floor & Home, where you’ll find a wide variety of kid-friendly flooring products. Made to last, these options are incredibly durable, yet never compromise on good looks.


We love helping families find their perfect common ground, and we love catering to shoppers of all ages. Here are a few examples of our kid-friendly flooring offerings and how they can help make your daily life cleaner, comfier, and much more stylish.


What Makes Flooring Kid-Friendly?

Soft, comfortable, durable, stain-resistant, and easily cleaned: these are just a few key words that come to mind when choosing kid-friendly flooring. Choosing your perfect option for your family’s unique needs, as well as the space you had in mind, can easily be done with a bit of guidance from our team of flooring experts.


Stain-resistant carpeting can’t be beat when it comes to ensuring a soft landing spot for little ones starting to navigate their surroundings. Naturally insulating and sound-absorbent, carpeting is available in a vast array of colors and textures, and many modern carpeting options are equipped with reliable waterproofing and stain-resistance. One of our favorite family-friendly carpeting products is Oath by Resista.


Waterproof flooring spans a wide range of flooring mediums, including luxury vinyl flooring and tile. It’s virtually damage-proof and can easily be wiped clean. Perhaps best of all, any stray spills are immediately trapped on the surface, where they won’t cause any unseen damages (we promise!) before being wiped clean. Many of them provide very convincible visuals, capturing the textures of natural hardwood or stone.


To learn more about creating kid-friendly rooms with our incredible array of resilient flooring, call us today at (319) 545-5678 or visit us soon at 3402 Merchants Street.

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