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Shaw Commercial

Shaw Carpet and Vinyl Tiles 


For commercial settings such as retail stores and offices, strength and durability are important when it comes to flooring. Commercial floors need to withstand heavy foot traffic, potential drops, and other stresses and impacts. But, although durability is paramount, style and design do not have to be sacrificed much at all.


We at Bachmeier Carpet One offer quality commercial flooring options from Shaw. Shaw flooring is both stylish and durable, so it’s practical for any commercial setting. One of the options we carry is Shaw carpet tile. Carpet tiles look and feel like regular carpet, but they are installed as actual tiles. They are stronger and more resilient than traditional carpet options, and the tiles are also easy to replace if necessary. As a result, Shaw carpet tiles are perfect as a commercial carpet option, as they will withstand foot traffic and even resist stains.


In addition to carpet tiles, we also offer Shaw vinyl tile. Vinyl tiles are installed like carpet tiles, but they, as you probably can guess, are made from real vinyl. The real vinyl construction means that vinyl tiles are stain resistant, relatively comfortable, and extremely easy to clean. The easy cleaning is especially practical for many commercial settings.


Shaw offers coordinating styles of carpet tile and vinyl tile. In other words, most styles and designs of carpet tile can also be found with vinyl tile. So, if you are looking for premium style in a commercial setting, be sure to stop by our Coralville, IA store today!


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